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The Space Rats' J&WW Page

Date         Page Desription of change
03-06-14 Main Page

Bit of cleanup and iTunes link updates.
09-27-11 All

New ISP!  Pages should load much faster.

02-20-11 Main Page

Links to iTunes store!
First 33 episodes
Next 32 episodes
Fixed and updated some links.
Cleaning up some HTML.

03-20-08 Main Page

Link to new 33 episode DVD set.
Fixed and updated some links.

03-13-05 Universe

Video excerpt of Armed Force toy on Robot Chicken.

06-20-04 Main Index Page

New look!
The old page can still be seen here.

02-07-04 J&WW DVD Page "Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors Vol. 1: Escape from the Garden of Evil" is now available on Amazon.com and at CD universe. More info is on the DVD Info page. Hooray, hurrah, yay!

02-07-04 Main Index Page Updated "World Wide Wheelies Watch". J&WW is currently showing on Fox Kids UK (satellite/cable) at 23:00. You lucky ducks! ;-)

11-07-03 J&WW DVD Page Updated information! The DVD is taking a little longer to come to us than expected. As soon as I know where we can buy it, I will post it on the DVD page. Stay tuned!

11-06-03 Many, Many sub-pages Realized that many, many pages were broken. Have fixed many of the broken images, etc. Most pages within the Wheelies Site (including my fan-art gallery) should be working again. Sorry about that!

10-11-03 Info on J&WW DVD Page Made separate page regarding the J&WW DVD release from UAVCo. This page now includes the very cool cover art and the latest news as of 10/10/03.

08-13-03 Frequently Asked Questions Put in information about the upcoming release of a Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors DVD. Volume 1 comes out in October! Yippee!

12-03-02 Copyrights & Terms of Use Page Added Privacy Policy.

11-22-02 Wheelies Mailing List Page Found web page with tips on how to configure all sorts of mail clients to send plain text instead of html or mime. Added link. All right, so this is another boring update. But the space rats are jumping again. Back to the good stuff soon!

11-14-02 Wheelies Mailing List Page Added note about text-messages only (no html please). This is a very minor site update, but I hope do finally find the time to do some more interesting updates soon.

11-02-01 Space Rats' Fandemonium Chapter 5 of Brandon Victorian's fanfic story "Of Love and War" is now online. Check it out!

03-31-01 FAQ Page Created "Frequently Asked Questions" page, linked from the main wheelies index.

03-18-01 SITE MAP Created site map, to help people find what they're looking for a little more easily.

03-18-01 J&WW Links List Cleaned up link list. Removed dead links. More links to be added soon.

03-16-01 Introduction Page Added video clips of the opening sequence! There are two versions of the vid clips, a high quality (12 MB) version, and a low quality (4 MB) version for folks with slow connections to the internet.

03-16-01 Main Wheelies Index Removed info about UK broadcast. Alas, the show has once agian gone off the air.

01-27-01 Main Wheelies Index Added information about current UK broadcast of J&WW on Sky Digital satellite (Fox Kids). Put in blurb for Jim's new book. Added note about use of screenshots and/or icons from this site.

01-27-01 Introduction Page Updated copyright notice for 2001.

01-27-01 Episode Guide page Spiffed up page. Added attempt to match all episodes with thier official titles. Also added official titles (best matches I could make) to the Episode Teaser page.

11-07-00 J&WW Links List Cleaned up the list by removing dead links. New links to come sometime soon.

09-24-00 Space Rats' Fandemonium The space rats are proud to present Gillian's Gallery for your enjoyment. At last, we have put up Gillian's art and vehicle animations that were previously found at "The Root". We have also added Gillian's fantastic new picture called "I Promise Not to Look for Gold". Check it out!

09-13-00 Space Rats' Fandemonium "Gillian" has sent us a fabulous new fan art pic of "Brock's World". For now, the pic is in the various artists gallery, until I can get the rest of Gillian's fabulous art unpacked from it's move from the Root.

08-19-00 Space Rats' Fandemonium Have, at long last, added a brand new fan art gallery -- featuring various artists who have submitted artwork to me over the last year or so. Check it out!

08-05-00 Space Rats' Wheelies Page The space rats' page has moved to its new, hopefully permanent, home at www.wheelies.net Many sub-pages have been updated to reflect this change.

08-01-00 Wheelies List Roll Call New entry added. Contact "owner-wheelies@dei.dyn.dhs.org" for a username and password if you would like access to the Roll Call.
07-31-00 Wheelies List Roll Call Two new entries added. One entry updated. Contact "owner-wheelies@dei.dyn.dhs.org" for a username and password if you would like access to the Roll Call.
03-24-00 Space Rats' Wheelies Page The space rats' page has moved to its new home on dei.dyn.dhs.org.

03-24-00 Wheelies List page The wheelies mailing list has also moved to a new address. The list page has been updated to point to the new address (wheelies@dei.dyn.dhs.org).

03-24-00 Space Rats' Toy Box Minor changes have been made to the "help wanted" section of the toy box, and the list of what's to come has been lengthened.

03-01-00 Wheelies List Roll Call New entry added. Contact "owner-wheelies@cindy.cs.ou.edu" for a username and password if you would like access to the Roll Call.
01-20-00 Wheelies List Roll Call Two new entries added. Contact "owner-wheelies@cindy.cs.ou.edu" for a username and password if you would like access to the Roll Call.
01-20-00 J&WW Universe Page In a new page called Play it again, Sawboss, you'll find MP3s of character dialog and musical cues. These sounds were originally found on The Root.
01-20-00 Space Rats' Fandemonium The fantastic art of Vasco Ogier has moved to its new home under the space rats' care. You can find it in Vasco's Gallery.
01-20-00 Space Rats' Fandemonium A new story, titled Death Magicks, by April Richards has been added to the fan fiction section. Check it out!
12-14-99 Main index page Added shiny new title graphics.
12-13-99 Wheelies List Roll Call Another new entry added. Woo-hoo!
12-10-99 Wheelies List Roll Call Many new entries added. One old entry updated. Welcome new members!!!

12-08-99 Wheelies List Roll Call New entry added.
12-05-99 J&WW Link List New metallic version of Lightning League symbol added.
11-01-99 Wheelies List Roll Call New entry added.
10-30-99 Cindy's Fan Art Gallery There's a new pic up in the Casual Corner! I present: Wheelies Wars. Happy Halloween, everybody!
10-20-99 Space Rats' Fandemonium Part 4 of Brandon's story Of Love and War is now up on the fan stuff page. Take a look and be sure to send Brandon your comments!

07-23-99 Wheelies List Roll Call The roll call has been completed (mostly). Almost all of the information has been entered into the detailed roll call, and the summary table has been expanded to include new entries and updates.

07-21-99 J&WW Link List The link list has been cleaned, pressed, and hung up to dry. New links (including a page from Jayce of "The Root" fame) have been added and dead links have been removed.

06-22-99 Space Rats' Fandemonium New Fanfic, folks! The first three parts of a new story by Brandon Victorian, titled Of Love and War, are now online! Read and enjoy, and be sure to send Brandon your thoughts and comments.

05-16-99 J&WW and B5 page I've finally gotten off my duff and put in the bit about The Great Maker and the Secret Symbol. Granted, this event happened quite a while ago, but I still think it makes a good story.

05-15-99 J&WW Universe Page The space rats are finally back in action, and have added, at long last, a page all about the Lightning League vehicles! (I know, I know.... it took us long enough, right?) The space rats and I have also broken up the characters pages into smaller, more easily digested chunks, and spiffed up the Universe index page. Look for more neat stuff to be added to the universe section in the future!

04-13-99 J&WW on the WWW Link List The space rats have done a little spring cleaning around the link list. Some Mentionables are gone (the Church of the Bunny will be missed) but there are also a few new links to check out--such as Edith's message board. Take a look around, and if you know of any J&WW links not represented here, please let me know.

03-25-99 Wheelies Mailing List Page The mailing list page has been reformatted and updated. A new "member roll call" is up and running, though it is still under construction (I haven't got all the entries in there yet). The roll call, like the message archive, is for list subscribers only. List members: contact me for a username and password if you would like access.

12-17-98 J&WW Introduction The Intro page has been cleaned up and slightly reformatted. The Copyrights section has been expanded to include my Copyright of the Space Rats' page, and a link to the Fair Use provision of US Copyright Law.

12-01-98 Wheelies Link List The mondo link-list from The Root has been transferred to it's new home on my site, reformatted, and updated. The link list has also matured to the point of rating its own entry in my main table of contents. Thanks go to Lizzard for the initial list!

11-22-98 Wheelies List Archive The Wheelies Mailing List Archive is now under password protection. List members contact "owner-wheelies@cindy.cs.ou.edu" for access.

11-18-98 The Academy Trial The final five chapters are now online. :-) I've also updated the introduction part of the index page to reflect the fact that the whole story is now typed in.

11-06-98 The Academy Trial Chapter 20 is now online.

10-31-98 Cindy's Fan Art Gallery This section has been streamlined and expanded. A new gallery has been added with "vintage" art from my High School days. Most sections have new pictures added-- check out Herc and Morgana's costumes in the Casual Corner. HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

10-25-98 The Academy Trial Chapters 18 and 19 are now online.

10-25-98 Guest Stars Page Have added pictures and short bios for the Guardian of the Portals of Time, Princess Kiandra and her Lady in Waiting, Parawan, Saw Trooper Commander, and the Snow People.

10-25-98 Space Rats' Episode Guide A full guide page, including notes, synopsis, neat stuff, analysis, snapshots and quotes is now online for episode 7: The Sleeping Princess.

Partial guide pages, with snapshots, have been added for episode 6: Fire and Ice, and for episode 8: The Future of the Future.

10-21-98 Space Rats' Episode Guide A full guide page, including notes, synopsis, neat stuff, analysis, snapshots and quotes is now online for episode 3: Flora, Fauna and the Monster Minds. (Finally!)

09-28-98 The Academy Trial Chapters 15, 16, and 17 are now online.

09-10-98 The Academy Trial Chapters 13 and 14 are now online.

09-09-98 The Academy Trial Chapter 12 is now online.

09-08-98 The Academy Trial Chapters 10 and 11 are now online.

09-06-98 Space Rats' Ep Guide Added complete guide page for episode 5: Critical Mass. Includes synopsis, quotes, snapshots, etc.

09-06-98 The Academy Trial Chapter 9 is now online.

08-30-98 Guest Star Page Began on new Guest Stars page. Added pictures and short bios for Dar, Princess Ina, Happy Trails, the Silver Crusaders Leader and the Silver Crusaders Knight. The long list of guest stars is still around, and has a link from the new guest stars page.

08-29-98 Space Rats ep guide Added a guide page for episode #9: Blockade Runners. Not much is there yet except gobs and gobs of snapshots including a whole page devoted to pictures of Flora with blue hair!
08-18-98 Space Rats ep guide index Added listing of known official titles to help with ep identification. Many thanks go to the folks at The Root for making this info available.

07-29-98 Cindy's Fan Art The wardrobe department has outfitted Herc, Flora, and Jayce for adventures in the Xenaverse. (Inspired by Erana's J&WW role playing sessions....)

07-27-98 Space Rats' Toy Box There's a new page in the Universe! Presenting the SPACE RAT'S TOY BOX--a page all about wheelies stuff. Pictures of all toy vehicles except Spike Trike are now online.

07-23-98 Fandemonium Page "Rose"--an interesting piece of fan fiction by Jo Ann Montgomery, has been added to the Space Rats' Fandemonium page. Happy reading!

06-26-98 The Academy Trial Chapters seven and eight are now online for your reading pleasure. Enjoy!

06-26-98 Sing Along with J&WW The lyrics to the English opening and closing themes have been moved to a page of their own in the Space Rats' "Universe" section. Thanks to my awesome sister Michelle, I've also been able to include and English translation of the French opening lyrics.

06-26-98 Space Rat's J&WW Episode Guide Partial guide page and snapshots added for episode number 3: Flora, Fauna and the Monster Minds. Full guide page, including synopsis, quotes, snapshots, etc. added for episode number 4: The Silver Crusaders.

05-30-98 Cindy's Fan Art Gallery Added two new pictures of Herc with his hair down. There's a color one in "Wardrobe" and pencil one in "Sketchbook"-- Erana, these are for you!

05-21-98 Snapshots, ep 1
Snapshots, ep 2
Added some new snapshots from eps 1 and 2. Includes Herc with his gold (ep 1) a neat snapshot of Jayce (ep 1) and some cool action shots (ep 1 and 2).

05-20-98 Fanstuff Index Re-vamped the index page for fanstuff. All the same stuff is still accessible. Added links to a signature page with info about myself if anyone is interested.

05-19-98 Ghostship ep guide
Long Quote List
Quotes from episode #2 are now linked from the guide page, and have been added to the long quote list.

05-14-98 Ghostship ep guide Guide page added for wheelies episode #2. Includes snapshots.

05-14-98 Escape from the Garden ep guide Guide page expanded. Link to page of snapshots added.

04-01-98 Intro Page Added link to quicktime movie of WSBK wheelies promo (from the show's original run).

03-13-98 Fan Stuff (fiction) Added link to chapter 6 of "The Academy Trial"
03-08-98 Wheelies Mailing List
Info Page
Note about new rule for mailing list. No pictures, binaries, or large doc attachmets, please.
03-08-98 Cindy's Fan Art Page Complete redesign; many new pictures added.

03-08-98 Main Wheelies Index New icons (sunset bars); added link to update list

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