Sounds of the WW Universe

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Character Quotes

JAYCE "All Right!" (mp3)
"I'm on my way..." (mp3)
"Ring of light, magic might!" (mp3)
"Oon, the root--it's vibrating!" (mp3)

OON "Oh... good thinking, my master." (mp3)
"I'm stuck, master!" (mp3)
"My magic lance, IT will save me!" (mp3)
"Oh, master, how can I be brave and noble when part of me is plastic?" (mp3)
"I really don't wanna be here..." (mp3)
"What are you going to do, master?" (mp3)
"Oh, master... sometimes I wish you weren't so brave." (mp3)

HERC "There were 200 of them and one of me..." (MP3)
"You're makin' a big mistake, hot shot." (MP3)
"And, ah, bring back a little cash, will ya?" (MP3)
"...but, pal, I'm no ditch digger." (MP3)
"Oh, baby, I finally hit it big!" (MP3)
"Jayce, you take all the fun out of life." (MP3)
"Galloping galaxies!" (MP3)
"Gimme a break! I can't fix everything at once!" (MP3)
"Ha ha... come on. It's a myth, a nursery rhyme..." (MP3)
"What in the seven galaxies was that?" (MP3)
"Yahoo!" (MP3)
"Kid, you finally broke the string on your yo-yo..." (MP3)

GILLIAN "Now it's up to you to forge a new future." (MP3)
"We'll see whose magic is stronger!" (MP3)
Awakening sleeping princesses--spell #1 (MP3)
Perawon's sleeping princess spell (MP3)
"I haven't had this much excercise since I was three hundred." (MP3)
"Many truths remain hidden because..." (MP3)

FLORA "Somebody better do something." (MP3)
"I was created from a plant by Gillian and Audric..." (MP3)
"Oh no! Monster minds again!" (MP3)
"I'll try." (MP3)
"Let's do it, Gillian. What are we waiting for?" (MP3)
"Try! Take all my strength if you have to..."(MP3)
Flora's patented shriek (MP3)
"Jayce, I sense a strong evil force." (MP3)
"Thank you! Thank you." (MP3)

AUDRIC "I worked to create a good plant..." (MP3)
"Their leader, they call him SawBoss, has taken over my laboratory." (MP3)
"The monster minds are getting too close."(MP3)

SAWBOSS "The light! Their cursed light!" (MP3)
"What about the child and the fish?" (MP3)
"You incompetant fools, must I do everything myself?!"(MP3)
"For the glory of the black light, I go!" (MP3)
"Grow together, my lovely ones." (MP3)
"The battle's just begun..." (MP3)
"In the name of the black light, I leave!" (MP3)
"Nothing in the universe will stop me!" (MP3)
"Your wish is not my command." (MP3)
"I grand you permission." (MP3)
"The victory of the black light is at hand!" (MP3)

RANDOM A Lightning League Vehicle: "Command Acknowledged." (MP3)
Orion: "The rules are simple..." (MP3)
K.O. Trooper: "I am the last surviving trooper..." (MP3)
Gun Grinner: "Your Excellency, they've escaped!" (MP3)
Zoggie yelps. (MP3)

DIALOG Flora and Oon--on getting lost. (MP3)
Jayce and Herc--on the spirit of their quest. (MP3)
Jayce and Oon--on target practice. (MP3)
Flora and Oon (and others?): "Hooray!" (MP3)
Gash and Sawboss--on plans. (MP3)
Flora, Herc, and Oon--on junk planets and ancestors. (MP3)
Everybody: Cheesey Laughing Happy Ending. (MP3)
Flora and Oon--on helping out. (MP3)
Jayce and Herc--Jayce only calls when he needs something. (MP3)
Oon and Herc--on personal protection. (MP3)
Jayce and Herc--on motivation. (MP3)
Gillian and Herc--on timing. (MP3)
Oon and Gillian--Oon finds the snow people. (MP3)
Herc and Gillian--Herc needs a spare part. (MP3)
Flora and Herc--on treasure maps. (MP3)
Herc and Jayce--weapons trading (Stack and Attack). (MP3)
Brock and Herc--if Herc's old friends could only see him now. (MP3)
Herc and Jayce--Jayce gives his first real order. (MP3)
Flora and Jayce--on the future. (MP3)
Jayce and Orion the Hunter--on sports. (MP3)
Oon and Jayce--on the way Herc thinks. (MP3)
Oon and Gillian--on common metals. (MP3)

Musical Cues

Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors, opening theme (English, MP3)
Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors, opening theme (French, MP3)
Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors, opening theme (Spanish, MP3)

"Keep on Rolling"--Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors Closing Theme (MP3)

Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors Theme--French Instrumental Version (MP3)


Many thanks to Lizzard and "The Root" for these sounds!

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