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February 7, 2004:

Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors Vol. 1: Escape from the Garden of Evil is now available!

Get it at Amazon.com for USD 9.99 plus postage.

Details regarding this DVD/VHS release are posted below.


Jayce and Wheeled Warriors, Vol 1: "Escape from the Garden of Evil"

Cover Art
J&WW Vol 1 cover art (Click on thumbnail for larger image.)
  • The first volume will be released under the Animation Station series from UAV Entertainment Corp, and will be titled "Escape from the Garden of Evil".

  • Both the DVD and VHS will include the following episodes:

    "Escape from the Garden" - With the help of a magical ring of great power, Jayce starts his quest to find Audric and the good plant he created that is the only way to destroy the Monster Minds.

    "The Vase of Xiang" - Jayce and his crew discover a message from Audric on a vase but it is stolen before they can decode it.

    "Steel Against Shadow" - Gillian tells the story of Valroth, a powerful weapon maker who made living armor to protect his people many years ago.

  • DVD BONUS EPISODE: Flora, Fauna and the Monster Minds - Monster Minds are planted aboard the Pride to contaminate the water supply and force the ship to land on an uninhabited planet.

  • Jayce Vol. 1 will be priced at $9.99 list/$7.99 SRP for DVD and $9.99 list /$6.99 SRP for VHS. Future volumes can only be released if this first one sells well, so go out and get it, folks!

En Francais!

French-language versions of the entire series are available in both PAL and SECAM formats through Manga-Distribution (www.manga-distribution.fr).

Manga Distribution has also done a French-language DVD release of the series, which I have been told is very nice.

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