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#1. ESCAPE FROM THE GARDEN (my title: The Lightning League Reborn)

Jayce learns of the origins of the Monster Minds, and of the root his father created to stop them. Gillian gives Jayce the magic Ring of Light to help him in his quest to find his father, and our heroes take on the name of a historic group of freedome fighters: The Lightning League. Gillian tricks Herc Stormsailor into giving the League passage off planet by promising payment in gold (which turns back to lead when the spell used to make it wears off).

#2. GHOSTSHIP (my title: Astrocore Encounter)

The League follows a signal from Audric to a derelict "Security Tanker".

#3. FLORA, FAUNA, AND THE MONSTER MINDS (my title: Water Trap)

A Monster Mind drill vine in the _Pride's_ water supply, and a broken guidance module force the League to land on an uninhabited planet. When Gillian goes off to find the Cobalt-49 he needs to repair the guidance system, he and Flora fall into a Monster Mind trap.

#4. THE SILVER CRUSADERS (my title: The Shield in the Stone)

The League goes to stop the Monster Minds from taking over a planet where all plants grow to gigantic sizes. The problem is, the natives don't want any help. Jayce accepts an ancient challenge of leadership--he must remove a shield from the stone it's embedded in.

#5. CRITICAL MASS (my title: A Black Hole Affair

The League sends a "dead" planet into an area where there is almost enough mass to form a black hole, with hopes of destroying a large MM breeding ground. When it turns out that there's somebody *on* the planet they're using to make their black hole, Jayce and Co. race the time left until critical mass to try and rescue him.


Jayce and friends are lured to land on a frozen planet by a giant, root-shaped marker carved into the ice. There they are trapped in the path of a killer volcano and have only ten hours to stop the eruption before it destroys both _The Pride_ and the native population.

#7. THE SLEEPING PRINCESS (my title: The Tree of Life)

Gillian brings Jayce to a planet hidden by thousands of magic, telepathic plants, hoping to find Audric there. Jayce must stop both a power hungry sorcerer (who put a sleep spell on the Princess Kiandra--the only link with the telepathic guard plants, and the only one who knows where Audric went after he left her world) *and* the Monster Minds.

#8. THE FUTURE OF THE FUTURE (my title: A Glimpse of the Future)

Gillian brings Jayce to the place where all time meets, so that Jayce can see his future, and find out where Audric will be. The problem is, the future Jayce sees is a dark one indeed, and Jayce must face SawBoss and the Monster Minds to try to keep that future from coming to pass.

#9. BLOCKADE RUNNERS (my title: The Baz Blockade)

The League runs the Monster Mind blockade of the planet Baz-- where the people have defoliated their planet to keep the MMs from touching ground. The people are starving, and Jayce's problems only get worse when it turns out that the Baz defoliant is affecting Flora as well, and that the MM's let the League in, but don't plan on letting them leave.


Jayce and friends go to the planet Caiross, hoping to find a weapon that can turn MMs to crystal. There, they are trapped inside a giant pyramid, and learn that *they'll* all turn to crystal, unless Jayce can pass a hero's test and restore the Bloodstone that has protected the people of Caiross since ancient times.

#11. DEADLY REUNION (my title: Double Trouble)

Sawboss creates a clone of Audric, and sends it in to meet Jayce and capture the root.

#12. LIGHTNING STRIKES TWICE (my title: The Lightning League?)

Jayce and friends follow an ancient marker to find the descendants of the original Lightning League. They find the League... but things are not at all like they expected.


The League goes to stop Sawboss from capturing Swampwitch--an ancient plant creature with great powers over plants. When our heroes reach the swamp, Swampwitch kidnaps Flora, and "ties" up Jayce and Gillian with her magic. Meanwhile, the MMs are still coming... and they mean to capture Swampwitch's power, or destroy her once and for all.


Sawboss captures the Geddin IV Brain Trust, a scientific center that Audric helped to found, and is luring the greatest scientists in the galaxy into his clutches... where he can force them to work on hideous weapons. Jayce goes to free the scientists... and is betrayed by one of the very people he wants to save.

#15. SPACE OUTLAWS (my title: Hearts of Stone)

Jayce and the League follow Audric's trail into Taber's Belt, a forbidden zone controlled by the pirate's guild. They're sacked by the pirates, and Herc meets up with Morgana, the pirate queen--a long distant voice from his past.

#16. AN AFFAIR OF HONOR (my title: True Courage)

To save the Green Planet, Jayce and Herc try to enlist the help of The Inter- galactic Commandos (a fighting unit with which Herc once served), only to learn that the group disbanded after their general lost his nerve. But then General Gzhest arrives at the Green Planet with apparent reinforcements... and a personal agenda driven by his own worst fears.

#17. DOUBLE DECEPTION (my title: Mind Games)

The League receives a call for help from a woman named Nitra, and goes to rescue her from the MMs. She tells them about SawBoss's plan to capture her home planet of Tika, and the giant pyramid made of a substance called Mirin-- which can be used as a special rocket fuel. When Jayce gets to Tika, it seems that both sides of a long running historical conflict now think *he's* the enemy.

#18. DARKSINGER (my title: Melody of Life, Harmony of Death)

The League goes to investigate one planet that is free of monster minds in an infested system. There they meet a man named Mallory, and his daughter Selina, who welcome neither visitors nor Jayce's offer of help against the MM's, because of Selina's special power of song.

#19. DO NOT DISTURB (my title: Nightwalker)

While the League seeks to teach a race of Feline people to defend their planet, Oon accidentally wakes up an ancient, very powerful, and very dangerous magical creature called a NightWalker... whose only goal is destruction of *everything*.

#20. A QUESTION OF CONSCIENCE (my title: Face of a Monster)

The League encounters a creature named Gash, who has been wandering the galaxy ever since a wizard turned him into a gargoyle-ish monster. Gash first betrays the League, hoping that Sawboss will return him to his human form... and then must face a difficult choice when it becomes clear that Sawboss means to destroy every member of the Lightning League--who were kind to Gash despite his ugliness.

#21. FROSTWORLD (my title: Lucky Streak)

The League answers a call for help from Cerylla, a rebel leader on the Las Vegas-like planet of Arega. There, while Herc tries to beat the crooked Casino Boss, Marduk, at his own game, Jayce learns that Cerylla has taken steps to win her battle against Marduk's tyranny--by making a deal with the Monster Minds instead.

#22. HOOK, LINE, AND SINKER (my title: King Finius)

Jayce goes to rescue his father from the Monster Mind's clutches, and gets caught in an elaborate trap of Sawboss's. He meets the native inhabitants of the planet, floating fish who were forced to aid SB in setting the trap, and ends up in a race against time to stop the MM from pulling something called the "vortex plug."

#23. EARLY WARNING (my title: Vine Stopper

Jayce learns that his father has created a device called a Vine Stopper, which could be a useful weapon against the MM--or reversed to accelerate the MM vine growth... depending on who gets to the device first. The League follows the MM to the planet where Audric has hidden the device... and accidentally trips off a self-destruct mechanism that Audric left behind to keep the device from falling into the wrong hands.

#24. BOUNTY HUNTERS (my title: Festering Evil)

SawBoss puts a bounty on our heroes... offering a planet's weight in gold for their capture. As a result, the League crosses paths with some very determined bounty hunters, and Herc is infected with a personality changing parasite. The League must choose between curing Herc, and following their latest lead toward Audric... with the bounty hunters still hot on their trail, and the MM not much farther behind.

#25. THE CHILDREN OF SOLARIS II (my title: Healing Winds)

The root is sick, possibly dying. Jayce brings it to the planet of Solaris II, where the Ion Winds are known to have extraordinary healing powers. The only problem is that the MM have already attacked the planet. Jayce must not only find some way to get the root to the winds, but also lead the children of Solaris II to safety.

#26. THE MIRAGE MAKERS (my title: Total Internal Refraction)

The league follows hints of Audric to a strange, disk-shaped world, with desert on one side and lush, green plant life on the other. On the desert side, plants are dangerous to the inhabitants... and said inhabitants do not take kindly to the League's arrival. Soon, the desert is alive with confusing mirages... and the League must unravel the secret behind the desert peoples' all knowing "oracle" before it's too late....


Gillian brings Jayce and the League to the planet of LOGOS-- a computer so large and powerful that its makers hollowed out their world to make room for it. But the planet has been quarantined ever since its entire population mysteriously disappeared... and LOGOS seems determined to both help the league reach his control center, *and* destroy them before they can get there.

#28. UNDERWATER, UNDERPAID (my title: An Image of Audric)

The league happens across a giant image of Audric, and follows the image to its source-- a desert world where the last living ecosystem, a giant lake, is being drained by the MM. Jayce forms a plan to save the Exol, the race of telepathic fish that live in the lake, *and* get the information on where his father teleported to after his ship crashed in the lake.


Sawboss has created a space station called Doomflower... which is designed to use the special properties of the Black Nebula to travel to another universe, one where the MM can have limitless resources. Jayce learns that his father was part of the slave detail rounded up to work on the Doomflower station, and that Audric has worked out a plan of his own to prevent Doomflower from succeeding.

#30. MISTRESS OF SOUL TREE (my title: Soul Tree)

The League goes to the planet Arborin, to stop Sawboss from allying himself with an evil plant creature. They find that this "evil" creature may not be as evil as they expected... and then must somehow stop SawBoss from tricking her into giving him control of the magical Soul Tree.

#31. LIFESHIP (my title: Contact Is Not Permitted)

Jayce and his friends try to stop SawBoss from taking control of the Edro Life Ship, a vessel that has been carrying an entire civilization towards a new home planet at sublight speeds for almost 5000 years. Our heroes get inside, but find that SawBoss follows them in. The Edro defenses seem determined to keep the League from finding, and warning, the Edro people, but don't try to stop the MM from taking over.

#32. THE SQUIRESMITH (my title: Forge Home)

Oon is summoned back to Forge Home, the planet of his creation, by Wikslan-- the Squire Smith. It seems that Oon is a tad on the cowardly side for an Eternal Squire, and Wikslan is not overly fond of making mistakes. To keep Wikslan from melting him down, Oon must prove that he can overcome his fear when it counts.


Herc wins an old map in a card game, and the convinces the League to follow it to the planet where all one's dreams come true. But the League's dreams turn into nightmares when the MM arrive, and the battle for control of Dreamworld is joined.

#34. LIFE EATER (my title: Your Worst Fears)

The league is lured into a trap by a being known as the LifeEater, who collects people's life essences the way some folks collect baseball cards. In the LifeEater's massive fortress, the League must somehow resist illusions "so real they cannot doubt them"--illusions of their deepest, worst fears. For if our heroes give in to these fears, if they betray their friends, their life force will belong to the LifeEater forever.

#35. WASTELAND (???) (my title: Dr. Zorg)

Jayce, Gillian and Oon go into a radiation hot zone to meet with Dr. Zorg, an old scientific rival of Audric's. The trouble is, Zorg is more interested in getting hold of Audric's old computer--the one that's now in SawBoss's headquarters--than he is in really helping the League.


Gillian takes the League to a place called Alowar, in search of an old friend, and a powerful magical artifact called the Liberty Stone. When they get to Alowar, they discover that somebody has *stolen* the Liberty Stone, and get themselves into trouble when they try to catch the thief.


The League discovers evidence that the Liberty Stone may not have been destroyed with Vantu, the one who stole it on Alowar, after all. They track the stone to an artificial world that has sprung up from a growth of MM vines in space... and find not only the stone, but the evil wizard Vantu as well.


Still under the influence of Vantu's evil spell, Flora is weakened and her senses are muddled. The League goes to the planet Andarin, in search of a magical orb that is the only thing powerful enough to save her. Worp, the wizard who owns the orb, is not interested in sharing its power... and besides, Worp has problems of his own. It seems that Vantu, an old student of his, wants the orb just as badly as the League does, and is willing to fight dirty to get it.


The League follows traces of the Liberty Stone to Pakstar, a high gravity world where plant life of all forms, including the MM, seems to flourish. There they find that Vantu is trying to use the Liberty Stone and a copy of the Orb of Andarin to tap the heart of Pakstar--an act which could seriously increase SawBoss's power.


Herc Stormsailor has had enough. He parts ways with the League, while Jayce and his friends make one last effort to find the Liberty Stone. When the power hungry Vantu puts his ultimate plan into action, it rips a hole in the very universe itself, and could mean the end of *everything* if Jayce can't stop it in time.

#41. STEEL AGAINST SHADOW (my title: The Helmet)

Spurred on by an ancient Legend recounted by Gillian, Herc and Jayce go looking for an ancient artifact known as the Helmet of Valroth. The Helmet has been waiting a long time to be found, and has plans of its own for whoever is unlucky enough to release it from its vault of gold.

#42. THE SOURCE (my title: Second Sun)

The League happens across a solar system where the MM are chipping away at the strange, crystalline sun, making the sun smaller and cooling the system's one inhabited planet. The League comes up with a plan to warm the planet back up and revive the Humruns--giant, bee-like creatures that have so far protected the human population from the onslaught of the MM.

#43. THE RAID (???) (my title: The Rescue of Dr. Gar)

The League answers a call from two children named Octo and Seena, and agrees to help rescue their father, Dr. Gar, from SawBoss's clutches. It turns out that Dr. Gar's capture at SawBoss's hands was more deliberate on Dr. Gar's part than his children believe.

#44. WHAT'S GOING ON? (my title: Planet of Toys)

The League lands on the planet Zephyr, hoping to warn its one human inhabitant of the MM's approach. On Zephyr, they find a planet filled with sophisticated toys, but before they can find the one who built them, Flora and Oon disappear.

#45. FINAL RIDE AT JOURNEY'S END (my title: Planetoid)

The League goes to help the besieged planet of Argus IV, and there they meet up with a man named Aragon--who, like the League itself, has been fighting SawBoss with all his might. But Aragon has a huge chip on his shoulder, and a dangerous personal agenda--the destruction of SawBoss at *any* cost.


The League stumbles across the planet Sharpiz, which is protected by a global force barrier. Hoping to find Audric, they penetrate the barrier and meet the inhabitants... an agrarian people who have every need provided for by a magical tower and its mysterious chimes. Trouble starts when the League learns that the MM's followed them through the barrier somehow, and that the force barrier wasn't the only defense the planet has against invaders.

(This episode has more puns at Oon's expense than any other! The dialogue is hilarious.)

#47. ARMADA (my title: A Touch of Madness)

The League learns that SB has bred a new kind of MM vines that will drive anyone within range of their telepathic influence mad, and that SB plans to use these vines to capture the space armada of the warrior Tangu people. Jayce and his friends try to warn the Tangu people, *and* find a way to counter the Madness Vines' effect.


On the trail of Audric, the League crosses paths with Faro, a peculiar being with devices that bring life to lifeless worlds. When Sawboss captures Faro, hoping to use his devices to make invincible MM troopers, the League goes to try to rescue the stranger. Faro reveals that he has a device that could destroy every plant on the planet... *including* Flora.

#49. THE PURPLE TOME (my title: A Small Problem)

The League goes to help rescue the library at Hevron, and keep the Purple Tome--an ancient book filled with powerful magic lore--out of Sawboss's hands.

#50. QUEST INTO SHADOW (my title: The Touch of Peace)

While investigating a world that has managed to remain free of MM, despite the infestation of the rest of its solar system, the League gets trapped in a zone of Anti-life, where things feed off of normal life energies. There, Jayce meets the Dark Queen, and must discover the truth behind her sinister offer before the anti-life destroys him and his friends.

#51. COMMOND BOND (???) (my title: Jal's Rescue)

Still working for Sawboss, Dr. Zorg and Noak have captured Jal Gorda. Jayce and Co. must rescue Jal before Zorg forces him to reveal Audric's whereabouts.

#52. DEADLY REFLECTIONS (my title: Double Negative)

A portal to another universe--one where everything is opposite from Jayce's-- has opened. The Negative Lightning League has found their way out, and are impersonating our *good* guys. Jayce must now outsmart an evil version of himself, if he's to save the planet Eldor.

#53. MOON MAGIC (my title: Night Moon)

Gillian returns to the magicians' planet, to take part in an ancient ritual, and to aide in the education of hundreds of wizard children. Trouble arises when Sawboss interferes with the ritual, and tries to use the children to take over the magicians' planet once and for all.

#54. THE ORACLE (my title: The Girl Behind the Curtain)

The League lands to warn the planet Pax of an imminent MM invasion. There, Jayce is confronted by what the people call their oracle--an oracle that looks exactly like his father! Jayce, Gillian, Flora and Oon stay behind on Pax to uncover the truth behind the "oracle", and find the master-mind: a teen-aged princess named Mileila, with a handicap she feels she must hide from her people.

#55. SPACE THIEF (my title: Kleptos-mania)

Jayce and the League must destroy an uninhabited world to keep it from colliding into a densely populated one. But just as they set their plan into motion, they meet up with a Kleptos--a playful little creature who steals anything and everything that catches his fancy. And when the Kleptos snatches the root....

#56. THE HUNT (my title: Orion, the Hunter)

Orion, a fierce hunter, kidnaps Jayce and Oon, and brings them to a planet where he can enjoy a dangerous hunt, with Jayce and Oon as his prey. While Gillian, Herc and Flora search desperately for their missing friends, it's up to Jayce and Oon to survive Orion's hunt, the Monster Minds, *and* the deadly jungles of Mortarous long enough for the League to find them.

#57. THE STALLIONS OF SANDEEN (my title: Purple Home)

Faced with a new MM weapon, the League goes to Sandeen in search of amethyst, the cooling gem. There, they meet Antar and the Pegaceen--wild, flying horses that are native to Sandeen. Jayce must contend with the evil emperor Ramsees--who would deal with the MM themselves before he'd give up his power over the people of Purple Home.


Jayce discovers an ancient vase, on which his father has hidden a message. But before he can decipher the message, the golden vase is stolen, and Jayce must follow the thieves to a world controlled by Sawboss to try and recover it.


Lost in space, almost out of fuel, our heroes stumble upon an entrance to Gateworld--an ancient magical network of "gates" that allow one to travel from one world to anther, instantly. Sawboss finds them before they can open the gate, and once they get the gate working and its too late to turn back, Jayce discovers that Flora and Brock are missing....

#60. TIME AND TIME AGAIN (my title: Time Lense)

Jayce and the League are swept through a time lens into the past... where they have a chance to stop Audric from *ever* doing the experiment that created the MM.

#61. UNEXPECTED TROUBLES (???) (my title: Iana's Animals)

The League goes to the universe's junk planet, hoping to use all that accumulated metal as a giant antenna with which to contact Audric. There they find that an eccentric woman named Iana has moved in with a menagerie of endangered animals... and that neither she nor her animals take kindly to the presence of strangers.

#62. THE SLAVES OF ADELBARREN (my title: Eidelberran)

Kumari has a problem. She and her people have been enslaved by the MM, and Sawboss has imprisoned her brother and sister. She knows she'll never see them again, unless she agrees to lead Jayce and the Lightning League into SawBoss's trap.

#63. GALAXY GAMESTER (my title: Vendetta)

Jayce follows a partial message from his father to an asteroid named by a gamester woman named Vendetta. She agrees to hand over the message, but only of Jayce can best her in a game. And while Jayce is trying to win his father's message... Vendetta, with her own score to settle, makes a bet with her old "poker pal" Herc. Soon the ownership of _The Pride_ hangs on nothing but the turn of a friendly card, and the League learns why Vendetta wants to leave her asteroid so badly.

#64. CIRCUS PLANET (my title: Circus, Circus)

Jayce follows Audric's trail to the Circus planet. Will he find his father at last?

#65. SKY KINGDOM (my title: Giant Flowers)

Jayce looks for his father on a planet shrouded in blue "alpha-ray" light-- a twilight in which only the giant flowers native to that planet will grow. But Sawboss has a plan for overcoming the effects of the alpha-rays... and the people who make their cities atop the giant flowers are in grave danger.

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