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Well, wheelies fans, if you're like me and when it comes to Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors you want more, more, more... then this might be the page for you. Below is a list of a multitude of J&WW and J&WW related links. Each link is followed by a short description of the site in question, just to help you with your WWW travels. The links are sorted, loosely, according to content.

I'll try to check these links and look around for new ones every month or so, to keep 'em up to date--but if you know of a J&WW page that's not listed here, or encounter a dead link, please feel free to let me know. Any and all help from other fans with link list maintenance would be greatly appreciated! Keep on Rollin'!

--Cindy and the Jumpin' Space Rats

Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors Pages

The Pride: The Wheeled Warriors Fan Page
This is a site devoted to the products of wheelies fandom. There is an archive of fan fiction, fan art, fan music, humor, and more! This site is also the home of an imaginative new J&WW fanfic series called Second Legacy--where our heroes meet new friends and face new enemies. Creative fans take note: "Erana," the Pride's mascot and webmaster--is always on the look out for new fan material. Drop by her page, check out what she's gathered there already, and if you've got something to share be sure to let her know!

The Root: The Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors Archive -- BACK!!!
This is your one-stop shopping site for J&WW lore. This site contains an extensive FAQ, screenshots, a complete episode guide, character and vehicle profiles, and a whole lot more. Brougt to you by "Jayce" and "Lizzard," this site is an invaluable resource for all J&WW aficionados.

Ben-Gali's Wheeled Warriors Toys Page
Ben-Gali's page lists most of the Wheeled Warriors box descriptions from the original 80s toys. He also has a picture of most of the WW toys. His WW toy page is a sub-page for his main action-figure page. If you're into collecting WW toys or other 80's toys, be sure to include this site on your WWW itinerary.

ADEQUATE.com's Wheeled Warriors Mini Web Site
This mini-site has a section devoted to the WW toys (with pictures of most of the good guys), a chat room, a link to the WWJWW Petition, and a humorous interactive web-captioning page for Wheeled Warriors screenshots. Wanna say what you think is really going on in certain J&WW scenes? Now's your chance!

Nico's Jayce et les Conquérants de la Lumière Page
This is a great little page--but be warned, it's entirely in French! There are some images, a short overview of the show, info in the good guys, the bad guys, and the vehicles. There's also a link to Nico's main City Hunter page.

X-E - Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors! (with episode download)
This page contains the most hilarious overview of J&WW that I have seen to date. (I'm still chuckling.)

Cindy's Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors Page
Since the paths one travels on the WWW can be twisted indeed, I've included a link to my own J&WW site on this list (just in case you didn't get here by way of there). I've got a little bit of everything to do with J&WW on my page. You can also find a link to my main wheelies index at the very bottom of this link list.

The Wheelies Mailing List
This link is included here for the same reasons as the link above. The Wheelies Mailing List is an automated email list for discussion of J&WW and related topics. If you want to meet other fans and talk about such diverse subjects as Gillian's hat and the Pride's propulsion systems, subscribe today!

Jayce & The Wheeled Warriors Forum
For more "lines of communication" for wheelies fans, check out this message board and chat room. It's very new online resource for fans-- here's your chance to get the discussion started!

Petitions to get J&WW back on TV

WWJWW: We Want Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors!
This is a petition to get J&WW back on the air in the USA-- started by wheelies fans and run by wheelies fans. At first it was hosted by The Pride, where the "Mighty Erana" entered in all the data by hand. Now WWJWW has moved to its new home at Adequate.com--with a spiffy new cgi format so that entries can be entered by the fans themselves.

WWJWW signing outposts can be found at:
The Pride: The Petition
Adequate.com's Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors Petition

Note: The above signing outposts all link to the same data, so you need only sign at one of the above to get your name on the WWJWW Petition.

Pages for J&WW Writers and Production 

Voice work in Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors
If you're curious about some of the other actors who brought our favorite J&WW characters to life, check out this page to see who did what, and what other shows they worked on.

Barbara Hambly
Barbara Hambly wrote the script for the J&WW episode "Doomflower" and two other episodes. She is also an accomplished novelist-- and if you like the weird mix of technology and magic found in J&WW, then you'll probably like Hambly's other works as well. Deb's Barbara Hambly page has info on just about anything you would like to know about Ms. Hambly and her work--from biographies, book lists, book reviews, and WWW link lists to trivia and discussions of symbolism in Hambly's books.

Seth Hill: Home Page
Seth Hill wrote two episodes of J&WW: "Critical Mass" and "The Hunt." Visit his very own home page to see what else this writer/producer has done (the series In Search Of is among his many credits), and to get a peek at what he looks like.

J. Michael Straczynski (Unofficial)
Joe Straczynski was a major writer for J&WW, and is repsonsible for at least 11 scripts. He's probably best known as the executive producer and creator of the live action science fiction series Babylon 5. He's done a ton of other things, including The Real Ghostbusters, and Murder, She Wrote. Check out this site for a nifty bio, a picture, and a time line of his work.

J. Michael Straczynski (from the man himself)
Here's what Joe Straczynski had to say online about his past accomplishments.

The Lurker's Guide to Babylon 5
I couldn't put up links about Joe Straczynski without including a link to the Lurker's Guide--the ultimate online resource for Straczynski's science fiction tour de force!

Pages that Mention J&WW

This section of the Link List is devoted to pages which mention J&WW, but for which J&WW is not the primary focus.

Carolyn's House o' Fun
This little page has some nice graphics from the show, and an impassioned plea for folks to sign the WWJWW petition to get the show back on the air. Carolyn's House o' Fun also contains a collection of non-J&WW related short stories and poems. Visit for fun and giggles!

Little Orchid's Flower Garden
A page named for Flora, our favorite little orchid. It looks as though this page will eventually host some fan-fiction, but for now it is very much under construction, and there's not much there besides the title and some cool floral graphics.

Lightning Strike!
This site begins by saying "Welcome to the future home of the Lightning League!" but seems to still be under construction.

Absolute Zero Cartoons
The main Absolute Zero page is mostly devoted to Anime, but there is a winzip, WAV format file of the J&WW theme song in the theme song section.

Anime Theme Museum
Contains the full-length opening and closing themesongs to J&WW in WAV format, as well as themes for J.I. Joe, MASK, ROBOTECH, The Last Unicorn, and more!

Toon Tracker RealAudrio Page
This is a jump off point for countless cartoon themesongs, including the theme to J&WW. Songs are in RealAudio.

Seattle Washington Autodueling Team (SWAT) Matrix Headquarters and Jump Site
Not really a Wheeled Warriors site, per se, this site is dedicated to table-top, autodueling role play. For all you gamers out there who would just love to pitch a battle between the Lightning League vehicles and the Monster Minds, this site is a jumping off point for learning about the different rule systems that make such game play possible! Feel free to contact SWAT's webmaster with questions or comments.

The 80s Server
Here is your one stop reference guide to everything 80's. Revive old memories from that golden decade for adventure cartoons, and see what else was going on while you were glued to your TV set!

sausageNet Classic & Cult Childrens TV
This is a great jump off point for pages about shows ranging from Battle of the Planets to Josie and the Pussycats. sausageNet's webmaster has put in a link to J&WW as well. Looking for info on other old cartoons you loved way back when? Well then, this page may be just the thing for you!

Cartoons of the '80's Homepage
Visit this page for another great walk down memory lane. It inlcudes a list of cartoons that aired weekly during those magical, 80's years, and J&WW is there!

Big Fat Cartoon Page
Still can't find your favorite 80's toon? Check out the list of what this cartoon collector's got, and maybe you'll find it here.

'80s Cartoons
Another listing of 80's favorites--including some links and a mention of J&WW.

Links for Other 80's Cartoons

Links to other cool 80's cartoons will be added here in time. If you've got an old favorite that you would like to see included here, send me email and I'll see what I can do.

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