"Command acknowledged. Action being initiated."
--Lightning League vehicles' battle computers


Armed Force

Armed Force is a powerful vehicle--initially built for Audric to use, and later given to Jayce. This is the vehicle that Jayce and Oon usually occupy on forays into unknown worlds, or when forced to battle the Monster Minds. Armed Force's primary feature is a large, mechanical claw, which can be used to all sorts of interesting effects, including vehicular acrobatics and flipping attacking Monster Mind Troops on their ears. Other weaponry and equipment includes a rocket-assisted winch, side mounted guns, a high pressure water cannon mounted in the nose, and a density decreaser which allows the vehicle to drive through thick walls. The weapons and control systems can be operated from either the front or back seat stations.


Drill Sergeant

A two-seater, this vehicle is often preferred by Gillian and Flora when they must leave the ship. Drill Sergeant's specialties are tunnelling and stealth, which are very useful for both reconnaissance and escaping a battle scene when necessary. It's main weapon is a powerful "super drill" which allows it to move around freely underground, and to get past obstacles like walls and small mountains without having to go around. Though the Lightning League weapons were designed to be easily moved from one vehicle to another, Drill Sergeant's weaponry usually includes a Mind Messer gun (for confusing the oncoming Monster Mind troops), lasers, and a lift ray.


Spike Trike

This half-tracked vehicle seems to be Herc's favorite. Most often he is seen driving either Spike Trike or Quick Draw with the windows rolled down--maybe he likes the feel of the wind in his hair. Spike Trike is a single operator vehicle, and only has proper seats for one, though there is room for someone small to ride beside or behind the drivers seat. Because of the tracks in front, Trike can cover rougher terrain than the vehicles that rely on wheels alone. It's main feature is a large, spiked wheel on a movable arm. This wheel can be used to bash Monster Mind troops in battle, or to tear up the ground and make it difficult for the Monster Minds to cross. Other weapons that are often found amid Trike's arsenal are Skid Guns, lasers, and a Liquid Oxygen gun.


Quick Draw

Quick Draw's main feature is it's heavy weaponry. It has a fold-down shield on its roof that also flips open to reveal a hidden gun. Quick Draw also has a small version of Spike Trike's spiked wheel in front, on a shorter arm. This weapon can be used to ram troops or to knock in walls. Quick Draw seems to be primarily a one-seater, though at times Gillian and Flora have been shown riding in this vehicle together, so my guess is that it has a bench seat that can comfortably seat two occupants side by side. But, unlike the specific two-seaters such as Armed Force or Drill Sergeant, this vehicle has only one set of controls. Weapons commonly found on Quick Draw are lasers, Mind Messers, a Magnetizer ray, and gravity increasers.


Trail Blazer

Trail Blazer is the Lightning League's armored vehicle and personnel carrier. It is large enough to carry at least three of the smaller vehicles in its center hold, and has seating for at least four in its control cockpit. Unlike the smaller combat vehicles, Trail Blazer is a walker, and hence requires somewhat more level ground for field operations. Though not often used in battle, Trail Blazer is outfitted with laser cannons, mind messers, and a spring loaded battering ram. Often, this vehicle's sheer bulk and heavy armor are its most useful feature. It has been used to block doorways and stall for time, and to block the entrance to Drill Sergeant's escape tunnel... and if the Monster Mind troopers can be caught off guard, Trail Blazer can lower the bulk of it's body down suddenly and crush them.


Spray Gunner

Spray Gunner is one of the two late additions to the Lightning League vehicle roster. Gillian built this vehicle, along with Fling Shot to meet combat needs he had not foreseen when building the original five vehicles. Spray Gunner is equipped with a high-pressure, high capacity nozzle which can spray either liquid, gaseous, or gelatinous material. In addition to this "spray gun" (and the tanks and pumps necessary to operate such a tool, which probably make up the bulk of the vehicle's boxy interior), the vehicle is outfitted with the usual range of defensive weaponry.


Fling Shot

Though Armed Force and the rest of the original Lightning League vehicles support a wide range of weaponry, they are not well suited to heavy artillery. Fling Shot was built to fill this role. The disk-launcher/catapult on this vehicle allows explosive photon disks and other projectiles to be fired at long range. The vehicle is also protected by a double compliment of armor. It can withstand more enemy fire than any of the other Lightning League vehicles, yet is still small and light enough to be maneuverable in battle.


Battle Base

Battle Base was built by Gillian to be a mobile base of operations. Its heavy-duty, tracked design allows it to maneuver over all sorts of terrain. It is well armored, and supports a wide range of defensive weaponry --including a powerful, telescoping laser turret. Battle Base also supports a wide array of communications and long-range sensory equipment. Inside, there is a parking and repair bay for the Lightning League vehicles and a sophisticated command and control center. Battle Base can interface with the systems on the Pride of the Skies II, and usually serves double duty as the ship's primary control bridge.


The Pride

This cantankerous, old space barge is the Lightning League's home and sole means of interplanetary transport. The Pride of the Skies II is Herc's ship, and Herc is its pilot-extroadinaire. The ship is prone to breakdowns and malfunctions, and sometimes it seems that the only things to keep it flying are "tape and good intentions." The Pride is equipped with a hyperdrive, a highly maneuverable set of reaction control jets, an anti-gravity lift system, and a set of solar sails for supplemental power. Gillian has fortified the ship's outer hull with heavy armor plating. Herc has added some special touches of his own, including a powerful laser defense system and a set of mechanical arms that allow him to hitch rides with larger, faster ships.


Space Scooter

The space scooter is a cross between a motorcycle and a hovercraft-- ideal for quick reconnaissance by air, or any other sort of activity that requires more freedom of movement than a ground-based vehicle can supply. It's unclear whether the space scooter is something that Herc had aboard The Pride before he met the Lightning League, or whether it was something that Jayce or Gillian possessed before becoming the Lightning League. One thing is certain: the space scooter is used quite often by Jayce, Herc, and Gillian for a variety of purposes. It can maneuver in both atmosphere and in the vacuum of space, and though it has a laser mounted in the nose, its small size renders it unsuitable for heavier weaponry. One major drawback of the space scooter is a lack of armor and shielding, which leaves the driver fully exposed during battle. Perhaps for this reason, it is used mainly in non-combat situations.


Emergency Cruiser

The emergency cruiser is exactly what it sounds like-- a small, maneuverable spacecraft that Herc keeps aboard The Pride for emergencies. It is unclear whether this little cruiser possesses hyperdrive capabilities (my guess would be that it doesn't, but that is only a guess). The cruiser can, at the very least, boost out of a planetary gravity well, and seems best suited to maneuver in a vacuum. Long booms can be attached to the sides of the cruiser, for the transport of payloads too large or numerous to fit in the interior. The cockpit has control stations for two, mounted in a vertical fashion. Like the space scooter, Herc's emergency cruiser seems to carry only laser guns as weaponry, and seems primarily suited to non-combat operations.


Motor Module

Motor Module is a roving repair platform. Small and maneuverable, it carries a compliment of tools, and probably whatever spare parts might be necessary for a quick field repair. It doesn't appear to have any weaponry, nor does it seem to have much armor. Speed and maneuverability seem to be its best bets for crossing battlefields in one piece. Smaller than the cumbersome Battle Base, Motor Module can maneuver in more crowded terrain, but its field repair capabilities are more useful for a temporary fix, and are no substitute for the more sophisticated repair bays on Battle Base or The Pride.


Supply Cart

The supply cart is a non-combative vehicle--basically a small motorized cart or module with a trailer attached in back, for cargo capacity. Its engine is probably not as powerful as those on the vehicles which were designed for battle, and it possesses no weaponry or armor. There is only seating for one operator, and a small operator at that (since it seems sized almost perfectly sized for Flora).

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