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DAR Dar is a robot belonging to Princess Ina of the plante Baz. When the people of Baz needed help to break a MM blockade of their planet, Dar was sent for help. He's programmed with all the navigational material for the Baz sector of space. He can do a turtle-like maneuver and pull his arms, head and wheels into his main torso. While he travels, he resembles a big, floating egg.

Time Guardian This ethereal being dwells in the place where all time meets. Half again as tall as a man, the guardian keeps watch at the portals of time. He collects the tolls of prisms of light--which only the wise ones of the universe know how to manufacture. It is the Guardian's task to test those who wish to see thier future, and only those brave souls who are also willing to forego seeing their future to save a stranger from peril will earn the right to learn what may yet be to come.

Happy Trails Happy Trails is a "lonesome prospector... diggin' for gold in every space vector." Most recently he spent twenty years searching for the treasure of Koobla-Kee on a dead planet. And he was always on the lookout for claim jumpers, dag-nabbit! This wandering spirit is sure to strike it rich one of these days, but in the meantime he knows a thousand songs to help pass the time away.

Princess Ina Princess Ina is the ruler of the planet Baz. When her poeple fought off a MM invasion by using a chemical to completely defoliate thier planet, Sawboss blockaded Baz to try and starve the poeple into submission. Ina sent her robot, Dar, to find help. Dar found Jayce and the LL. Ina is one of a long line of princesses who thought Jayce was pretty cool throughout the series--but she is the only princess to actually *propose* to Jayce! (And she gives him a big ol' smootch at one point, "for luck.")

Princess Kiandra Princess Kiandra is the leader of an unnamed but very special planet which is shielded from outside eyes by hundreds upon hundreds of telepathic plants. Kiandra possesses a psychic link to the tree of life--the source of all the plants. She was placed under an enchantment by Parawan, an evil wizard who wished to usurp her rule. Jayce and the League saved Kiandra from her enchantment, and then with Flora's help, managed to save the Tree of Life from Sawboss's influence as well. Kiandra was the first princess to fall for Jayce. She wanted to go with him when he left her world to search for his father, but in the end--as the vital link between her people and the telepathic plants that guard her world--she knew that she must remain behind.

Lady in wtng Princess Kiandra's lady in waiting kept watch after her mistress and friend fell under a strange enchantment. It was the lady in waiting who met Jayce when he and the League landed on her planet, and it was she who led Jayce to the cave--hoping that he and his friends could find some way to break the enchantments which held Kiandra captive.

Parawan Parawan is the evil sorcerer who wished to rule Princess Kiandra's hidden planet. He placed an enchantment on the princess which made her fall into a deep, ubreakable sleep. He was probably posing as a member of Kiandra's court, and seemed to have kept the fact that he was a wizard secret from the other courtiers--as Kiandra's lady considered it as "impossible" for Parawan to be the one who had enchanted her princess. But once identified as the perpetrator of the malevolent magics by Gillian, and after being bested by Gillian in a magical duel, Parawan attempts to make a deal with Sawboss in a last, desperate attempt to hold on to power. Parawan is eventually captured by Jayce, his spell over the princess is revealed and reversed by Gillian, and Parawan's pretendership to the throne is ended.

SawTrpr Cmdr Saw Trooper commander appears here in the guest star portion of the page, rather than as a main character because this leader of the Monster Mind Saw Troopers was seen in just a few episodes towards the start of the series before he vanished without explanation. What befell Saw Trooper commander is one of the great J&WW mysteries. Perhaps he got a little too ambitious for his own good, and was eliminated by Sawboss. Or perhaps he fell victim to the rivalries that smouldered between the other MM troop leaders. One interesting bit if trivia is that Saw Trooper Commander was seen in humanoid form outside of Sawboss's headquarters in the episode Fire and Ice. This would imply that Sawboss and his troop leaders don't have to take vehicular forms when they venture outside of the Headquarters.

Leader This armor-clad fellow is the leader of the fierce legions of knights the League runs into in the episode "The Silver Crusaders." He and his knights were not fond of invaders to thier planet when the LL went there to try and stop a MM invasion. The Leader gets to wear the shiniest armor, and faces all invaders to his world in single combat until the death. He can only be dethroned if someone manages to remove an ancient shield from a stone in the throneroom.

KNIGHT The Knight is the leader of the troops in the episode "The Silver Crusaiders." The Knight is very brave and very confident in his troops' ability. He laughs at Jayce's offer of help against the MM and captures Jayce, Gillian and Oon (though Oon escaped with the help of a giant strawberry disguise).

Snow People The snow people are the local inhabitants of the planet Radex 9. Diminuitive in stature, they are well adapted to living on their icy world. They have round feet that act both like snowshoes and hocky pucks. The snow people can move at considerable speed over ice and snow by skating along. They live and hide inside of snow banks.

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