"Evil plants! It is a mockery of all that is natural!" -- The Swampwitch

Sawboss is an intelligent plant creature, the leader of the Monster Minds and the villain of the story. He was created by accident, when an errant burst of "black light" radiation from a nearby sun caused one of Audric's experiments to mutate out of control. Vaguely humanoid when inside the protective walls of his headquarters (formerly Audric's laboratory), Sawboss can change into something resembling an armored vehicle, complete with whirling golden buzz saw (hence his name), when he ventures into the great outdoors. His facility with telepathy allows him to see what any of his troopers see, whenever he chooses. He is the most dangerous of all Monster Minds, it is his goal to someday rule a universe where plants are the dominant life form.

(Monster Mind Trivia: Saw Boss and his troop leader (Saw Trooper Commander, who doesn't appear in very many eps) are the only monster mind who have two hands while in humanoid form.)


The Troop Leaders are, for all accounts and purposes, Saw Boss's generals. They are original monster minds, in that they mutated directly out of the plants that Audric had in his laboratory that fateful day. The Troop Leaders take on humanoid forms when inside Saw Boss's headquarters, and vehicular forms outside. The hordes of troopers that plague the galaxy are later "generations" of Monster Minds, and are grown from the vines. The troopers are slightly smaller, and a whole lot dumber, versions of thier Troop Leaders, and may take vehicular form only.

Terror Tank:

Terror Tank leads the hordes of terror troopers. In vehicle form, he's got a dripping set of jaws at the end of his "stalk", and a really big gun. (He looks like, surprise, a tank.) In humanoid form, he's got vestigal jaws growing at the end of one arm instead of his second hand. His voice is reminiscent of "Egor", the mad-sceintist's prototypical assistant.

Gun Grinner:

Gun Grinner leads the hordes of gun troopers. His schtick in vehicular form is a twirling, four pronged flail. His vehicle shape is kind of boxy. He's got a vestigal flail instead of his second hand when in humanoid form, and he speaks with a slight texas accent.

K-O Cruiser:

K-O Cruiser leads the hordes of K-O troopers. In vehicle form, he looks somthing like a pick-up truck, and has a big green wrecking ball thing on the end of his "stalk". In humanoid form, he's got a vestigal wrecking ball thing instead of his second hand. His voice just sounds kind of "duh" stupid.

Beast Walker:

Beast Walker is the strong, silent type... and probably isn't as smart as the other troop leaders. (My theory is that Beast Walker's brain is about the size of a walnut.) In vehicular form, he's a "walker"--he moves forward on four legs instead of on wheels or treads, and is much bigger than the other troopleaders. He leads the beastwalker troops. He's got a vestigal claw instead of his second hand when in humanoid form. I don't think he ever says anything out loud.

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