"The Lightning League is now reborn, with you, Jayce, son of Audric, as its leader." --Gillian

Jayce is the leader of the Lightning League and hero of the story. Only 19 years old, he is sometimes brash, and may seem young for the responsibilities he must bear. But he is smart, knows how to use his wits, and is quick to learn from his mistakes. Aided by a magic ring and his rather odd group of friends, Jayce searches the universe for his father, Audric, and fights the monster minds along the way. Only once he finds his father and joins his magic root with the one that Audric carries will the universe be freed from the threat of the Monster Minds.

Gillian is a friend and collegue to Jayce's father, Audric. Gillian is an accomplished scientist and, as such, can build or repair just about anything technological. He designed and built the vehicles used by the Lightning League for defense against the monster minds. Gillian is also over 1000 years old and is an accomplished magician (sorcerer). It was he who gave Jayce the powerful Ring of Light, and his magical and technological knolwedge allows him to be a walking encylcopedia on the galaxy at large. Gillian is, in general, against violence and fighting. But he's not blind to the fact that sometimes fighting is necessary, and does his best to guide Jayce and the rest of the league forward in their quest, battles and all.

Herc Stormsailor is the accidental member of the Lightning League. Promised payment in gold for carrying the Lightning League as passengers, he vowed to "stick with" the group until paid in full after the gold (which Gillian made, using a faulty spell) reverted to a worthless pile of lead. Somewhere in his mid-thirties, Herc has been around the block and then some, spending time as a trader, an intergalactic commando, a smuggler, and a pirate. He owns the Pride of the Skies, the ship which the Lightning League now uses for transport, and is an excellent pilot and soldier. He is also stubborn, sarcastic, and prone to chase after buried treasure. Though at first his involvement with the Lightning League centers around a desire to get paid, Herc is evenutally motivated by his friendships with Jayce and the other league members.

Oon is an Eternal Squire, loyal to the service of his master, Jayce. Oon is also a thigh-high (approximately 2.5 foot tall), possibly greater than 2000 year-old, magically animated suit of armor, and as such can "go to pieces" with little ill effect. Though by nature rather cowardly for a squire, Oon's loyalty to his master and to his friends is beyond question, and usually helps him to overcome his fear. Before serving as Jayce's squire, Oon was loyal to Audric. It was Oon who brought Jayce the magic root at Audric's request. Oon's prized possesion is his lance, which he firmly believes is magic.

Flora is a plant-child. She was born of a flower, the result of an experiment performed by Gillian and Audric. She is telepathic and empathic, and can communicate with both sentient creatures and non-sentient plants and animals. Her extra-sensory abilities also allow her to sense when Monster Minds or their vines are near, which proves very valuable at times. Flora is around six or seven years old, and is sometimes a stubborn child. Her stubborn nature, combined with a sincere desire to help Jayce and the others any way she can, often makes it hard for Gillian, Herc and Jayce to keep her out of danger.

Brock is a big, pink and blue flying-fish. He can breathe air as well as water, is about equal in size to a small pony, and is rather smart, actually, for a fish. He's Flora's pet and best friend. Flora can ride his back when he flies, and often prefers flying with Brock to riding in the Lightning League vehicles. Brock and Flora are devoted to each other. An empathic link seems to exist between the child and the fish, such that Brock can find Flora if she is lost or in danger and vice versa. Brock is dependent upon Flora to easily communicate with the rest of the Lightning League.

The Zoggies are three small robot toys/pets of Flora's. They are mischevious, seem to love to be underfoot, and seem to love to torment Oon (when they can catch him, that is). Occasionally, their programming has been altered to useful effect.

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