"I've seen that ship before..." --Jayce

Audric is Jayce's father, and a brilliant scientist. It was an accident in Audric's laboratory that resulted in the creation of the Monster Minds. He has been working ever since that time to correct this terrible mistake, and has created the magic root and other weapons against Saw Boss. Audric is a very kind, generous, and wise man. He now searches the galaxy for his son, and fights to free people from the MM whenever he can.

Jal Gorda is a loyal friend of Audric's. He helps search the galaxy for news of his friend, and often brings Jayce and the LL information on Audric's possible whereabouts. As a "spy" for the LL, Jal often brings Jayce useful information on Saw Boss's plans. Jal is a tall, humanoid creature with a long, wolf-ish snout, lots of fur, and really big ears. He is crafty, agile, and highly skilled in both concealment and the martial arts. (And it was Jal who trained Jayce in those martial arts, probably before the mess with the MM got started.)

Dr. Zorg is a scientific rival of Audric's. He is brilliant in his own field, but over all, he's not a very nice guy. He's selfish, and thinks only of his own self glorification. His quest to gain all the information in Audric's old computer (the one that's now in SB's headquarters) leads him to become an enemy of both Jayce and the LL. He works for SawBoss in several feindish capacities.

Noak is a spy of Saw Boss's. He has a calculating mind, and a way of getting people to believe what he's telling them. He is a short, stooped humanoid, with lots of fur and a snub nosed face, and is quite obsequious by nature.

Vantu is a wanna-be sorcerer, in Gillian's words--a "second rate trickster". But he is no less dangerous for his lack of latent magical abilities. It is his *desire* for more power that makes him most dangerous. He is a bipedal humanoid with a long, wolf-like snout. To augment his weak magical abilities, Vantu must rely on magical artifacts, such as the Liberty Stone, or the Orb of Andarin. When it suits his purposes, Vantu works for SawBoss... but mainly it is to keep Saw Boss from interfering with any of his own plans.

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