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Here's some wheelies fan art from years ago. These pics were drawn between when the show first aired in 1985 and when I went away to college in 1990. Flora was my favorite character back then, so most of the pics are of Flora.

Flora and her pets:

1 2

From L to R:
1. Flora and Brock in flight, from Kleptos episode
2. Flora, Brock and the Yellow Zoggie

Flora and friends:

1 2 3 4
From L to R:
1. Flora and Elana
2. More Flora and Elana
3. Flora and Elana, back to back
4. Flora and Emmalie (Jayce's cousin in a fanfic)

Action Shots

1 2 3

From L to R:
1. Flora with a flower
2. Flora and Elana in a garden patch
3. Jayce, Herc and Flora in the snow (with monsters about)

Illustrations for Fanfic story "The Perfect System"

Random Flora portraits:

1 2 3 4 5
From L to R:
1. Pencil close up of Flora
2. Flora in a fantasy style dress
3. Flora in costume from fanfic story "In the Name of Science"
4. Flora in contemporary clothes
5. Flora's ready for some fun in the sun!

Random Sketches:

More Oon
Herc and Flora

Artwork by Cynthia Noble, 1985 through 1990

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