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"Erana" of The Pride and "Jayce" are currently working hard to create a whole new set of adventures for Jayce and his friends. The series is called "Second Legacy". The Space Rats and I are honored to be a small part of this, by working with Jayce and Erana to create designs for the new characters, and new clothing designs for some of our old wheelies friends.

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Second Legacy Chracter Designs (L to R)
1. Jayce
2. Flora
3. Morgana
4. Crystal
5. Towan
6. Thian

Feeling curious about these new faces? If you want to know who they are and what they're up to, take a look at the first few Second Legacy Episodes on Erana's page. Erana has also been updating the design of some of her characters. To see thier new look, check out Erana's Portfolio on the Pride.

Artwork by Cynthia Noble, 1997 through 1998

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