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Pen and pencil sketches of wheelies people. These are just linked, because they won't show up well on the thumbnails.

Jayce sketches:

Jayce #1 | Jayce #2 | Jayce #3 | Jayce #4

Second Legacy

Prelim. Crystal | Prelim. Towan
Flora #1 | Flora #2 | Flora #3
Prelim Thian #1 | Prelim Thian #2


Armed Force in the Real World (sketch of toy)
Herc with his hair down
Jayce and Oon
Herc in Action
Running Flora
Squire Leece
"They were called the Lightning League!"
"Watch What you're doing!"
"Sorry about plowing up your tomato patch..."

Artwork by Cynthia Noble, 1992 through 1998

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