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What if the Lightning League visited Earth for a while, wanted to unwind, took a vacation, or went trick or treating? Grab your Levis, your ballet slippers, and your Hawaiian shirts... and take a look at our heroes from a more relaxed angle. This is the casual corner!


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Images from L to R:
1. Jayce In Jeans -- the founding picture of Casual Corner!
2. Group Causal Shot -- a sequel to "Jayce in Jeans"
3. Herc, Kickin' Back -- Hey, the guy deserves a vacation.


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Images from L to R:
4. Trick or Treat!--Flora and Oon hit the streets for some candy.
5. Battle On!--Herc and Morgana follow a heroic theme for Halloween.
6. Wheelies Wars--Happy Halloween, 1999!

Artwork by Cynthia Noble, 1992 through 1999

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