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A Wheelies Novel
Cynthia M. M. Noble

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This is a Wheelies novel that I wrote back in high school. The first draft of the story was completed in May 1990. Unfortunately, I wrote the thing on loose-leaf paper, longhand. At first, I was calling it a "mini-novel" because the long-hand version was only around 130 pages long. But I wrote really small. When I typed it into my computer, I was surprised to find that the story was full novel length.

I've tried to keep the editing down to a minimum. I fixed spelling and improper word choice, mended grammar that came through as simply painful, tried to clarify anything that seemed confusing, and made minor changes to certain scenes that I had been meaning to do since I finished the first draft. :-) For the most part, what you will read here is what was written back in 1990.


This story takes place after "A Touch of Madness" and "Jal's Rescue" (see the episodes list). It is after our heroes have been at the MM fighting thing a while, but fits in somewhere among the original 65 episodes.


There are as many possible stories in the Wheelies universe as there are Wheelies fans. This story includes my personal interpretation on some background events, mostly gleaned from bits of dialogue and such that have appeared in the actual eps.

By Cynthia M. M. Noble

Chapter One (~20K)
Chapter Two (~18K)
Chapter Three (~21K)
Chapter Four (~18K)
Chapter Five (~22k)
Chapter Six (~31k)
Chapter Seven (~20k)
Chapter Eight (~31k)
Chapter Nine (~46k)
Chapter Ten (~19k)
Chapter Eleven (~21k)
Chapter Twelve (~17k)
Chapter Thirteen (~18k)
Chapter Fourteen (~27k)
Chapter Fifteen (~14k)
Chapter Sixteen (~21k)
Chapter Seventeen (~17k)
Chapter Eighteen (~18k)
Chapter Nineteen (~25k)
Chapter Twenty (~22k)
Chapter Twenty-One (~39k)
Chapter Twenty-Two (~19k)
Chapter Twenty-Three (~17k)
Chapter Twenty-Four (~24k)
Chapter Twenty-Five (~17k)

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