Snapshots, Episode 8:
"The Future of the Future"


Gillian's mixture of lights goes slightly awry.

the guardian

The guardian at the portals of time.

Ice Dragon

Inside the portals of time, an icy dragon appears unexpectedly and blocks Jayce's path.

Herc the protector

Herc tackles Flora and Oon, saving them from an attacking MM vine just in the nick of time.

fight ice with fire

Jayce summons a magical firebird to fight the ice dragon..

dark future

Jayce sees trouble in his future. Sawboss captures Audric by teleporting the Monster Mind headquarters in on top of him!

Oon splat

Oon tumbles into Flora's lap in the passenger seat of Drill Sergeant, as our heroes prepare to fight the MM inside the barge!

battle Herc

Herc sees a MM trooper coming up to attack Drill Sergeant from behind.

Sawboss in trouble

Sawboss cowers from the power of the ring of light.

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