Snapshots, Episode 4:
"The Silver Crusaders"

The elusive Saw Trooper Commander

Sawboss and Saw Trooper Commander discuss the invasion plan.

Dandelions of doom

The Pride approaches a field of giant dandelions.

Mmmmm.  Tasty strawberry.

"Mmm. Definitely strawberries."


"Ouch!" Herc recovers from a long fall.

Crusaders' castle

Oon lands the Pride near the Crusaders' castle.

Jayce and the shield

Jayce tackles the Crusaders' challenge of leadership.

Flora rescues Oon

Flora and Brock save Oon from the hungry crocodile nasties in the moat.

Jayce and the shield 2

Jayce pulls at the shield in the stone.


Oon frees the shield!

Leader Oon

"Our new Leader..."

Crusaders 1

The Crusaders are ready for battle.

Crusaders 2

The former leader of the Crusaders also stands with his troops.

Monster Minds

The Monster Minds charge!
Good Guys with shields

"Shields up, lightning strikes!"

Barge and castle

Victorious sunset.

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