Snapshots, Episode 2:
"Flora, Fauna and the Monster Minds"

Oon crashes into Herc

Oon crashes into Herc.
Pumping new water

Jayce and Herc begin pumping new water. Flora and Gillian get some fresh air.

Flora senses trouble

Flora senses that Monster Minds are near.

Flora and maturing MM

Monster Minds mature around Flora, hoping to trap her.

In the Cave

Flora leads Gillian into the cave to hide from the MM troopers.

Talking to a Fish!

Brock tries to tell Herc of Flora and Gillian's plight.

No, Gillian, no!

Flora and Brock look for Gillian.

Watching Sawboss's arrival

Jayce and Flora see Sawboss's headquarters teleport in.


The ring gleams as Jayce watches the MM retreat.

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