Snapshots, Episode 1:
"Escape from the Garden"

Good old Oon, you're here!

Oon brings Audric's message to Jayce.

Oon, we have to flee!

Audric and Oon flee Audric's laboratory as the MM are "born".

A new hope!

The Lightning League is reborn!

Oon meets the Zoggies

Oon encounters the three zoggies. (They like him.)

Gold _is_ acceptable

"Herc Stormsailor, captian of the Pride of the Skies... at your service."

All right!

"All right!" (Jayce learns he can control the vehicles with voice commands.)

Tug of war

The Pride fights to break free from the MM vines.

Narrow Escape

Jayce leaps from the telescoping gun turret just moments before it explodes....


Herc enjoys his gold (while it lasts).

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