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Content Updated:
Dec 10, 2002

The Jumpin' Space Rats Present:
An Introduction to
Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors

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There was a small band of heroes....

Here's the basic premise.

League Statue In a universe where magic and technology coexist (maybe its even our future universe), a scientist named Audric accidentally creates a race of mutant plant creatures. These plant creatures, named Monster Minds (MM) run amok, and start trying to take over the universe.

Trying to correct what he's done, Audric works on a "good" plant, to destroy the evil MM. He creates two halves of a magic "root". For reasons never explained in the series, Audric is unable to graft these two magic roots right then. Somehow, they get separated. Oon, Audric's faithful Eternal Squire, takes half of the magic root to Audric's son, Jayce. That's when the adventures begin.

Jayce has a great responsibility. He must find his father so that Audric can graft the two roots together. It is the only way the MM's can be stopped, once and for all. Sawboss (the leader of the MM's) knows this. He fears the root, and tries to stop Jayce and Audric any way he can.

Jayce is aided in his quest by a peculiar little band of heroes. There's Gillian, the wizard-scientist who is over a thousand years old. There's Herc Stormsailor, the space pilot with a good heart and a checkered past. There's Oon, the Eternal Squire, now loyal to Jayce. There's Flora, a little girl who was born of a flower. And there's Brock... Flora's pony-sized pet flying fish.

Together they form the Lightning League (LL)... named for a small, historic group who were all that stood against the darkness in times long past. With his friends at his side, and a powerful magic ring to help him, Jayce travels a perilous galaxy in search of his father--trying to correct a terrible mistake, fighting the MM when he must, and proving in the end that good can always triumph over evil.

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